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Ojami cushion easy clean

Ojami cushion easy clean

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100% cotton Filling: 70% cotton 30% polyester


100% cotton Filling: 70% cotton 30% polyester

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As each item is made to order by hand by craftsmen, we cannot accept cancellations or changes after the order has been placed. If the product is damaged, delivered incorrectly, or otherwise defective due to our error, we will cover the shipping costs and replace the product. We will only accept returns if the product is unused. We cannot accept returns if the product is damaged or soiled by the customer.


No washing machine/No washing


Approximately 40cm in diameter


Approximately 0.6kg


*This product has cotton directly inserted into the fabric, so the fabric cannot be removed. ■How to dry: You can dry it in the sun, but please note that dark colored items may fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time. ■About wear and tear: Products that use "wadding" will definitely wear and tear, although this will vary depending on how and how often they are used. ■Due to the nature of the material, cotton fibers may come out of the side fabric.

The Ojami cushion is a tool for relaxation that was created with the idea that "May people truly relax and have a gentle smile on their face." It was named "Ojami," which means beanbag in Kansai, because of its rounded shape that resembles a beanbag.
Thanks to its height, like several cushions stacked on top of each other, it is easier to sit on than a flat cushion, and is recommended for people who are not good at sitting on the floor. It reduces the burden on the lower back when sitting on the floor, which tends to make you slouch, and allows you to sit with good posture and is also comfortable to use as a backrest when placed on a chair.

Founded over 100 years ago as a futon and cushion processing factory, Takaokaya in Rakuchu is known for its reliable quality and high design. Recently, it has also been used in luxury hotels. With a wide variety of colors and materials, it is perfect for any interior space, whether Japanese or Western. It is also perfect for lying down on a cushion as a pillow. We recommend using a zabuton cushion as it allows you to relax in style.

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Takaokaya is a brand created by Takaoka Co., Ltd., founded in 1919 (Taisho 8), using the techniques of making zabuton and futons that have been passed down from generation to generation. We manufacture ``Kangu'' tools that allow people to relax and enjoy life in a way that matches their current lifestyle.

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