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Kitayama Masatsumu Shoten Palm Scrubber

Kitayama Masatsumu Shoten Palm Scrubber

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Palm (coconut fiber), wire (stainless steel)


Palm (coconut fiber), wire (stainless steel)

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Care instructions: Pour boiling water after use. Additionally, drying it in the sun once every week to 10 days will improve its durability.


M: Approx. 75 x 100 x 40mm L: Approx. 80 x 140 x 40mm


M: about 38g L: about 68g


Each scrubbing brush is handmade by craftsmen at Kitayama Masazumi Shoten, and is characterized by being soft, durable, and maintains high cleaning power by using different materials depending on the purpose and adjusting the density to the optimal density.

This scrubbing brush uses a special palm with strong fibers and hardness. It is good at scrubbing and scraping even stubborn dirt, and is useful not only for iron pots and cutting boards at home, but also for outdoor activities such as removing soil from vegetables and BBQ grills. Furthermore, by eliminating the left and right webbing straps found on conventional palm scrubbers, it has been devised so that four sides can be used.

It's easy to clean, and if you're using it in the kitchen, just pour boiling water over it. Additionally, drying it in the sun once every week to 10 days will improve its durability. You can keep it clean by simply hanging it outside to dry even if it doesn't dry completely, and it is more economical than a sponge because it can be used repeatedly until the fibers wear out.

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Kitayama Masatsumu Shoten

Wakayama Prefecture

A traditional palm scrubber that was created in Japan about 100 years ago. At Kitayama Masatsumu Shoten in Wakayama Prefecture, a prefecture rich in nature, craftsmen with 50 years of experience create high-quality scrubbing brushes by hand, one by one.

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