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fresh art round plate

fresh art round plate

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porcelain clay


porcelain clay

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・○Microwave can be used. ✕Do not use in the oven, toaster, or open flame.・If you soak it in water for a while before use, it will prevent stains from getting in.


Diameter 18.3 x height 2.1 cm


Approximately 330g


-Pottery made from natural materials has unique properties.・As each item is handmade by a craftsman, there may be individual differences, but please enjoy each piece as it has its own taste, warmth, and individuality.

The popular "Fresh Art" series from "Kikusho Pottery", which produces Hasami ware Japanese tableware. With a warm, matte texture and a base of white that is close to ivory, the brightly colored patterns of fruits and vegetables painted one by one brighten up the dining table.

With a diameter of about 18 cm, it is a convenient size that is easy to use every day, such as dessert plates, bread plates, and serving plates. There are designs such as apples, lemons, and beans.

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Kikusho pottery

Nagasaki Prefecture

Kikusho Toki produces casual and cute Hasami ware Japanese tableware in Kawatana Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. Using unique techniques cultivated over many years, the couple works together to create easy-to-use porcelain vessels and ceramic vessels with a warm atmosphere.

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