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Shiomi Dansen Square Fan

Shiomi Dansen Square Fan

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Japanese paper bamboo natural wood


Japanese paper bamboo natural wood

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Approximately 30g


Shiomi Dansen continues to produce the Kyoto craft of "Kyo Uchiwa." This square fan is a square fan that takes advantage of the unique feature that allows them to create a wide variety of different shapes and designs.
It is made with a "sliding handle structure" in which the handle is inserted into the fan surface, a method unique to Kyoto fans. Its extremely flat surface makes it possible to use techniques such as drawing, printmaking, hand dyeing, and hand carving to create a wide variety of motifs, including people, landscapes, haiku, and waka poetry.
The design has a Japanese feel but also a Western taste, and is recommended not only as a table lamp but also as a piece of art to stand up in your home.
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Shiomi Dansen


Shiomi Dansen has been making Kyoto fans, a traditional craft of Kyoto, since 1944. We manufacture fans in a variety of designs by combining the manufacturing power and passion we have accumulated since our founding with modern technology and trends.

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