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Mirai no Takumi Hyogo

Mirai no Takumi Hyogo

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Overall length 290mm Blade length 140mm


about 190g


*A box is also included. *The total length and blade length may vary depending on the handle. *Since each piece is handmade, it may take some time. *The pattern part is created in a climbing kiln, so the shape and color may vary.

Miki's cutlery, which is proud of the world, and the Tamba ware handle that has been used since the Heian period, are the only authentic kitchen knives in the world, "Future Takumi Hyogo". Craftsmen in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, known as Japan's oldest blacksmith town, hammer out each blade one by one using "Hon-Forging", creating beautiful ripples. Realizes sharpness. The forged blade is strong enough to resist chipping, and the "black finish" on the surface makes it even more resistant to rust.

The pattern is decorated with "Tamba ware", which is counted as one of the six ancient kilns of Japan. It is also a work of art that is carefully baked in a climbing kiln, which is extremely rare, and has unique patterns and colors. In addition, the box is made from wood from Mt. Rokko, making it a premium kitchen knife that is the only one in the world that combines Hyogo's traditional techniques and local resources. Please feel the real sharpness and comfort with your hands that can only be demonstrated with everyday use.

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Mirainotakumi Hyogo (Kazuno Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd./Misuzu Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd./Tanbunkama)

Hyogo prefecture

The world's one and only authentic knife, ``Mirainotakumi Hyogo,'' is a collaboration between Miki's world-famous cutlery and the Tamba-yaki handle, which has been around since the Heian period.

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