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Marunao Pottery Mug Choju Giga

Marunao Pottery Mug Choju Giga

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Microwave oven ○, dishwasher ×


Diameter 8.8 x Height 9.5 cm




●This product is hand painted one by one using the copperplate transfer printing method. The copperplate transfer method is a technique in which a design printed on washi paper is transferred to the bisque material. As a result, the design may be faded, cut, smudged, faded, or unevenly colored. These are not printing defects or defective products, but are characteristics of this product and are not eligible for return or exchange, so please be aware of this before ordering.

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Marunao Pottery Factory

Gifu Prefecture

Marunao Pottery is one of only two pottery factories in the entire country that produces thin porcelain called eggshell and a painting technique called copperplate blue and white porcelain.

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