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Kurikyu ring cup

Kurikyu ring cup

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Akita cedar painted


Akita cedar painted

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Painting: Just wipe it after washing.Silver wood: Easy to care for, just wash with hot water and dry thoroughly.


Diameter 80×H85mm 200ml




This ring cup from Kurikyu is made from Akita cedar, which is characterized by its straight and beautiful grain, and gives off the gentle warmth of wood.

The excellent insulation and moisture absorption properties of Akita cedar prevent the temperature of the drink from being transferred to your hands and cause almost no condensation, so the temperature of the drink will be maintained for a long time. The colorful rings, which are stylish accents, prevent the drink from slipping out of your hand and make it easy to hold.

It can be stacked and stored easily, making it ideal for everyday use as well as for guests.

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Kurikyu is a long-established magewappa workshop that combines over 400 years of tradition with new ideas to create products that are suited to modern life and fulfill the "wants" of its customers.

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