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Kishu Shinke grater

Kishu Shinke grater

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99.9% pure copper, 99.9% tin


99.9% pure copper, 99.9% tin

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Small 200×123×h33mm Medium 238×123×h33mm


Small approx.: 290g Medium approx.: 340g


This is a completely new grater that was created through original research by the craftsmen of Kishu Shinke, a company that makes handmade pure copper graters, a cooking utensil with a 300-year history. The golden ratio of the size, width, and shape of the blade, which was arrived at through trial and error, makes it easy for anyone to make fluffy, light snow-like grated daikon radish that also retains the crunchy texture unique to daikon radish.

It has a cutting action rather than a grinding action, so it does not destroy the fibers or cells of the ingredients and brings out the flavor of the ingredients while preserving their freshness. It is also possible to grate ingredients with the skin on.

With a regular grater, ingredients can get clogged and you have to take the time to wash them off, but the large teeth will free you from that problem. Kishu Shinya's grater is less likely to get tangled with fibers, so you can easily clean it by simply rinsing it with water. It won the Good Design Award in 2018 and 2021. It is loved not only by ordinary households but also by chefs all over Japan.

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Kishu Shinke

Wakayama Prefecture

Kishu Shinke in Wakayama makes each pure copper grater by hand, a cooking utensil with a 300-year history dating back to the Edo period.

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