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Ryusokairagi MagCup

Ryusokairagi MagCup

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porcelain clay


porcelain clay

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Microwave, oven, dishwasher safe *Please note that there are individual differences.


Width 11cm ✕ Height 9.5cm ✕ Depth 8cm


about 300g


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"Dragon claw plum blossom skin" is characterized by its graceful whiteness and the curly pattern resembling the claws of a powerful dragon. The center line emerges during the baking process, so there is a slight fluctuation, and the curly patterns are different one by one, so it is a mug with a special feeling like a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Add tea or coffee for a slightly elegant tea time, or use it as a soup cup for meals and other daily use or as a treat. In various scenes, it adds a little rich feeling and gorgeous color.

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Ryusokairagi Hinode Gama

Shiga Prefecture

Hinodegama is a pottery studio located in a 250-year-old old folk house with a reed-thatched roof overlooking Lake Biwa.

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