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39arita Cera Filter

39arita Cera Filter

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・As this is a pottery, please be aware that it will break if dropped or bumped.・Please perform maintenance well after use. In other words, it causes an odor.


[Cera Filter] Diameter: Approx. 11cm Height 7cm


Approximately 134g


"Cerafilter" incorporates Arita ware technology with a history of over 400 years. This is an eco-friendly Arita ware coffee filter that can be used repeatedly without the need for paper or cloth filters. When you use this to brew coffee, the invisible microscopic holes block out "odds" while extracting "oil" that cannot pass through a paper filter. You can enjoy a round, premium flavor that brings out the original flavor of the beans to the fullest.

You can use it not only for coffee, but also for black tea, green tea, and alcohol, and it can also act as a water purifier if you pass water through it. Please come and experience the taste that only Japan's patented "Cera Filter" can provide.

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Saga Prefecture

THREERIVERS Co., Ltd. manufactures coffee filters "Cerafilter" using patented technology while preserving traditional Arita ware production.

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