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If you are concerned about stains, rub some edible oil such as olive oil or linseed oil with a dry cloth before use.


W164 x D102 x H63mm (Inner dimensions for rice/side dishes) W145 x D85 x H53mm




This cypress lunch box from the brand "NUSA" is full of the charm of new sanpo that brings traditional sanpo to modern life. Craftsmen handcraft each one using the techniques of Iwata Sanpo Seisakusho, which has been making sanpo for 300 years, which have been used since ancient times in Shinto rituals and moon viewing in Japan. The holes on the side, called kurikata, which are unique to sanpo, make it easy to open and close, while also highlighting the individuality of the design.

The rare Kiso cypress that Iwata Sanpo Seisakusho has been using since the Edo period is light, has a smooth feel with fine grain, and is very easy to hold. It also has high antibacterial properties and excellent moisture absorption, making it extremely practical as it keeps rice delicious.

The subtle scent of cypress, which goes well with rice, will whet your appetite. It is resistant to cracking and shrinking, so it is a product you will want to treasure for many years to come. By sticking the six included stickers on the main body, you can distinguish the owner and type of bento by the color that peeks through the window even when the lid is closed, so we recommend purchasing multiple units.

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Iwata Sanpo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Aichi prefecture

Iwata Sanpo Seisakusho manufactures sanpo, a platform used to place offerings during Shinto rituals. In addition to traditional sanpo, the company has also launched the NUSA brand, which is suitable for modern life, and continues to expand the possibilities of sanpo.

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